James has been in a group home for the last few years and has always had to protect himself. Despite that, he has a gentle spirit due to the long relationship with Kellee. Most of his focus has been protecting her from the abuse that occurs within her home. Kellee has become the singular constant in his life, and he has dedicated his life so far to loving her and making sure she’s safe. To do this, James learned early that he had to do something with his life, so he’s taken school seriously and has shown great respect to those who show respect to him.


Kellee is less a damsel in distress and more a frustrated daughter, but lately the frustration from seeing her mother abused on a daily basis is boiling over and has the potential to release itself in potentially damaging ways. She wants to protect her mother, but really she wants to leave her house that has caused her pain for so long.


Eileen has endured the abuse in her marriage for years and accepts it as normal.  She finds herself constantly making excuses for her husband and for her abuse. The relationship with Kellee is at its worst because of her acceptance.   Eileen wants to protect her daughter but has lost the will to do so. She wants to leave her husband but she's afraid to. But what Eileen doesn't realize is that she's stronger than she realizes.


Dave has always been down on his luck. In fact, the best thing he ever did was marry Eileen, but since then his life has been a mess. A combination of dreams unfulfilled, combined with alcohol and the total lack of responsibility for his actions, has created a world view that blames everyone else for his own shortcomings. 

Mr. Davidson 

Mr. Davidson manages the group home that James lives in. He tries his best to connect with the young men he’s looking after, oftentimes seeing himself as the only positive role model in their lives. This is important to him since he truly wants to make a difference, so he will always go above and beyond for those he sees helping themselves.