we're serious about telling the stories of those who are continuously marginalized

Survivor Stories is our way of reaching out to the domestic violence community and investing ourselves in their world. Its mission is to spread the message of survival while giving contact information from Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags, House of Ruth and Domestic Violence Hotline. We offer information to those people who don't have a voice.


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Episode 1: Lisa’s Story

In high school, Lisa started dating a guy that was a few years older, and gave him anything he wanted. After several months, he started to abuse her verbally. After they moved in together, the verbal abuse turned physical.  Lisa's boldness began when she defended her daughter against a bully and lost her sister to domestic violence.


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Episode 2:
The Life and Times of Rene’ Michelle

Rene' Michelle is a domestic violence survivor and survivor of rape and molestation. At an early age, she was molested by a close family member and raped at the ages of 11, 14, and 26. In addition, Rene suffered abuse at the hands of a violent husband and now suffers from epileptic seizures.


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Episode 3:
This Family is not Ashley’s Family

Ashley was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She experienced domestic violence and sexual abuse at an early age, which forced her to run away from home. One day after running away, she returned home to an empty house with no idea where her mother had gone. Her neighbors took her in, and that's where the lies began.


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Episode 4: Childhood’s End

Shanette Q is a domestic violence survivor who brings a unique perspective to the topic. She grew up in a home plagued with domestic violence as her parents struggled with various addictions. While the picture of Shanette's childhood seemed dark, she found her light and her way of escape by focusing on her education.